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dew / роса, свежесть, слеза
имя существительное
freshness, coolness, dew, originality, breeziness, recency
tear, teardrop, dew, water drop, pearl
irrigate, water, dew, shower, dabble, flood
spray, perfuse, besprinkle, sparge, asperse, dew
damp, wet, moisten, water, wash, dew
имя существительное
tiny drops of water that form on cool surfaces at night, when atmospheric vapor condenses.
the grass was wet with dew
wet (a part of someone's body) with a beaded or glistening liquid.
sweat dewed her lashes
distant early warning.
They catch the night dew for water, we are told, and eat old tins of carrots, left by the company that once mined this spot.
Heavy dew in the night time and soaring soil temperatures made farming a pleasure, especially as cattle prices continued to rise.
There were dark green cannabis plants dripping with heavy dew dotting the field and the smell of cannabis resin mixed with the aroma of fresh cow dung permeated the morning air.
Adults feed on water drops or dew and are short-lived.
Since it was a dry night, and there wasn't even dew on the grass, the fire spread throughout the yard.
Rain, dew , and condensation from the cooling system produce enough water for a family of four.
The only thing standing between them and death is a discovered stash of tinned carrots and the morning dew they collect from the roofs of their ramshackle dwellings.
the grass was wet with dew
We've had some superb windless and cloudless nights recently, which means we've woken up to gardens saturated by heavy dew the next morning.
Do not apply insecticides when temperatures are expected to be unusually low following treatment or on nights when heavy dew forms.