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devotional / религиозный, набожный, благочестивый
имя прилагательное
religious, spiritual, devotional, pious, godly, pi
devout, pious, religious, devotional, pi
pious, godly, devout, devotional
имя прилагательное
of or used in religious worship.
devotional books
I get up early and exercise and have devotional time-private time of reading and prayer.
They sing devotional songs in praise of the lord, and holy texts are chanted throughout the night.
In line with this belief, devotional cults sprang up in which reverence and homage were offered and intercessions sought.
Anyway, after reading a section from one of Hine's books about devotional magic I decided to make a shrine for Ganesha.
We need to bring together the devotional and mystical and scriptural pieces.
He also leads devotional songs and has captured the interest of the young and old alike.
Small-scale sacred song - hymns and devotional song for domestic use - also flourished.
If one wants to ignore this devotional service, there is the danger of turning to atheism.
Yet as an atheist and Marxist can we expect that she would understand or appreciate Hindu devotional or yogic practices?
This makes it excellent for those practicing bhakti or a devotional religious path.