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devotion / преданность, набожность, увлечение
имя существительное
devotion, dedication, loyalty, fidelity, allegiance, attachment
piety, devotion, godliness, devoutness, unction, piousness
enthusiasm, passion, interest, devotion, crush, rage
имя существительное
love, loyalty, or enthusiasm for a person, activity, or cause.
Eleanor's devotion to her husband
The virtue of a talented woman lies in her devotion to her studies, not her looks.
The clear implication here is that yoga can be a form of devotion , or worship.
They call it the wailing wall, but the only act of devotion on this west London street corner is to mammon not God.
The author's research skills and his devotion to accuracy befit a serious academic monograph.
Her earnest belief in devotion to duty and her command of French bring her an offer to join the intelligence service.
His devotion to the only government job he ever wanted is not in doubt.
Their devotion , if extreme, is driven by one goal to reclaim their neighbourhood.
The exterior nature of the liturgy helps to kindle in us a strong interior faith and devotion .
Others say his devotion to Korean farmers was so passionate that he would willingly have laid down his life for them.
There were also new forms of devotion as well and they emerge as new forms of piety.