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devotee / приверженец, энтузиаст, поборник
имя существительное
adherent, supporter, devotee, partisan, stickler, lover
enthusiast, fan, devotee
champion, protagonist, devotee, apostle, vindicator, combatant
имя существительное
a person who is very interested in and enthusiastic about someone or something.
a devotee of classical music
God is also Omniscient; hence He sees the sincerity of Worship of a devotee in whichever form the devotee worships Him.
But I happen to be a great devotee of and admirer of the two-party system in this country.
It is only too easy for a devotee of a complex theory to be impressed when it fits and to explain away the problems when it does not fit.
a devotee of Lewis Carroll
Lowell, a scion of a prominent Boston family, was a devotee of Asian culture and an accomplished amateur astronomer.
The son of a prosperous Hindu trader, Bhai Pheru, Guru Angad was an ardent devotee of the Hindu goddess Durga.
His best and most learned priest, Deva-svami, was a devotee of Vishnu who preached sad-dharma.
The resplendent Lord bestows affluence on the devotee who offers worship and oblations.
a devotee of classical music
In this sense, he was a devotee of material cultural before the field of material culture blossomed into what it is today.