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devolve / передавать, переходить к другому лицу, переходить по наследству
pass, transmit, transfer, send, convey, devolve
переходить к другому лицу
переходить по наследству
transfer or delegate (power) to a lower level, especially from central government to local or regional administration.
measures to devolve power to the provinces
measures to devolve power to a Scottish assembly
Behind the woolly talk of local powers and responsibilities is a failure to devolve real powers or funds to improve transport in the regions.
measures to devolve power to the provinces
The Cabinet cited a need to address ‘practical problems’ that reform might present and to devolve certain powers in such a way as to optimize local autonomy.
The government claims regional assemblies would devolve power and decision-making.
Let's imagine a situation where regional assemblies over England decide to pursue the same line as London, and the national agencies are broken up so as to devolve power to local decision-makers.
The fundamental issue is that if you devolve power and money down to the local level you get programmes going in different directions, ineffectiveness, and on occasion corruption.
Central governments do not, generally, wish to devolve effective power in any way - that is the root of this whole problem, and the reason why the government may be following its current course of action.
We expected more from this Government, which came to power promising to devolve power to the regions.
He said: ‘If you are going to devolve power to local communities, giving them a list of who should be involved is counter-productive.’