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devoid / лишенный, свободный
имя прилагательное
devoid, bereft, void, free, destitute, deficient
free, spare, leisure, loose, easy, devoid
имя прилагательное
entirely lacking or free from.
Lisa kept her voice devoid of emotion
Near the Gulf of Mexico is a giant dead zone devoid of fish and other aquatic life.
How swiftly events have moved - and in a direction which appears devoid of hope.
It shows the artist hard at work in his studio, a room entirely devoid of visual stimulation.
It is a slippery path, at the bottom of which lies a hollow curriculum, devoid of meaningful content.
If, as some say, life is essentially devoid of all meaning, then what are you going to do?
However, the piece quickly turned into a rant so devoid of content it made me laugh.
There was also a mysterious strip in the north end zone which was devoid of grass.
Obtusely, in a country devoid of trees, the houses turned out to be prefabricated wooden boxes.
They require total compliance with the line and they are devoid of humour.
The ones I have seen are devoid of any character, any energy and any facilities worth mentioning.