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devilment / буйное веселье, проказы, шалости
имя существительное
буйное веселье
devilment, revel
mischief, devilry, roguery, devilment
spree, antic, devilry, roguery, devilment
имя существительное
reckless mischief; wild spirits.
his eyes were blazing with devilment
In the second half, we dominated and with a little more devilment in the box could have won the game.
Her hearty, infectious laugh and sense of devilment endeared her to everyone in the community as evidenced by the crowds who turned out for her removal to St. Joseph's, Geevagh on Tuesday evening.
Life, it seems, had other plans for Jim; perhaps it had become a bit dull up on high and they coveted his unique brand of devilment .
There is too much spring in his step and devilment in his game.
Speaking of this time in his life brings a beaming grin to his face - a mixture of devilment and sheer happiness.
He played with panache, skill and a touch of devilment .
Her pleasant smile, the glint in the eye and genuine sense of fun and devilment made her very popular and you were always assured of a good laugh and a merry time when she was around the place.
We ought not to participate in devilment by tolerating it.
‘When the time comes and the legs do give up I will find some other devilment to get up to,’ she joked.
He was as bright as a button, full of humour and with a large dash of devilment thrown in!