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devilishly / чертовски, ужасно, отчаянно
deuced, devilishly, curst, cursedly, like fury
terribly, awfully, horribly, ghastly, dreadfully, devilishly
in a devilish manner.
The cast are exemplary, Andreas Wilson in particular as the lead, and there's something devilishly satisfying about watching an upper-class toff wake up drenched in excrement.
The thing about vastly involved prototypes of this kind is that once they are constructed it is devilishly difficult to dismantle them.
In fact, recording locales are devilishly difficult to determine.
Trees can be devilishly clever, especially when they work in concert.
For they did look devilishly far-flung, except for Visbec.
But the real surprise seller is ‘hot whiskey,’ a devilishly simple Irish favorite.
It has proven devilishly difficult to get fathers to take a larger role in child-rearing.
If they must be compared to a mode of transport it should be thoroughbreds, fantastic in full flight but devilishly susceptible to injury, each muscle, ligament and tendon exposed to pressures that would break a lesser being.
But enforcement is devilishly difficult - and many tax lawyers are making things worse.
First is the patia, a devilishly hot sweet and sour concoction available with chicken or vegetables.