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devil / дьявол, черт, бес
имя существительное
devil, Satan, demon, fiend, Belial, Nick
devil, deuce, chert, dickens, Nick, Old Nick
demon, devil, fiend
bother, annoy, nag, bore, pall, devil
tease, badger, pick on, vex, rib, devil
готовить острое мясное блюдо
имя существительное
(in Christian and Jewish belief) the chief evil spirit; Satan.
Did you find it any easier to avoid the Devil , to avoid evil when you were a monk?
expressing surprise or annoyance in various questions or exclamations.
“Where the devil is he?”
an instrument or machine, especially one fitted with sharp teeth or spikes, used for tearing or other destructive work.
General Mitchel, of counsel for the defendant, produced a model which was intended to represent a machine used in Great Britain for cleaning cotton, denominated the "Teazer or Devil ."
a junior assistant of a lawyer or other professional.
While under the master's guidance, which is generally for a year, the newly qualified barrister is known as a devil .
act as a junior assistant for a lawyer or other professional.
As I'd never (to my knowledge) supped with the devil, I was thrilled to find myself in the company of a junior barrister who's devilling at the moment.
harass or worry (someone).
he was deviled by a new-found fear
Now, this handsome devil to my right is Edwin Graham.
For all the government's other failings, many voters may prefer the devil they know.
The rag-tearer or ' devil ' had been equipped with teeth instead of the original blades, so that it was capable of tearing up the better qualities of cloth.
It got to the point where the poor devil daren't leave the bedroom door even slightly ajar for fear that I would sneakily insert a syringe through the gap in an attempt to feed him tea intravenously.
People will devil their own children, spouses, parents, co-workers and neighbors.
The devil knows physical pleasure and how to manipulate the physical world.
Finally he decides that because he prefers the advice the devil is giving him, he'll listen to it and run.
We vote for the devil we know rather then the Devil we don't.
The whole devil /evil spirit/demons/possession thing fascinates me, it always has.
the cunning old devil