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deviate / отклоняться, отступать, уклоняться
deviate, digress, deflect, depart, diverge, wander
back down, retreat, digress, depart, recede, deviate
dodge, skew, avoid, shrink, evade, deviate
depart from an established course.
you must not deviate from the agreed route
those who deviate from society's values
Sometimes members deviate from the course, and commanders must take corrective actions.
How much can you deviate from a standard and still function?
That approach consists of a code of good practice (The Highway Code), a requirement that drivers pass a qualifying test, and a network of offences to penalize those who deviate from proper standards.
In one case, a sea captain followed his urge to change his ship's course, even though this caused him to deviate from the most direct route to his port.
At the very best, the Energy Department might be allowed to deviate from the proposed corridor within 10 percent of the original plan.
Hurston's representation may deviate from standard scientific format, but apparently in contrast to Odum and Johnson, she strives more than they to retain the essential content.
The Zulu, on the other hand, have their own traditional courtship practices which deviate somewhat from the patriarchal standard typical of most tribal societies.
The wristbands are not freely distributed to our employees as it would deviate from the original intention to help our target beneficiaries in Indonesia who need curative eye treatment.
Whichever of these is the case, it is clear that for an astrologer to deviate from these accepted values would be considered very unusual.