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deviant / отклоняющийся от нормы, страдающий половым извращением
имя прилагательное
отклоняющийся от нормы
abnormal, deviant, aberrant, erratic
страдающий половым извращением
имя существительное
a deviant person or thing.
Norms use the clubs of stigma and shame to punish deviants , nonconformists, and radicals.
имя прилагательное
departing from usual or accepted standards, especially in social or sexual behavior.
deviant behavior
Those who indulge in deviant behaviour like smoking, drinking, drug abuse and breaking the law are also more prone to becoming pathological gamblers.
In this strategy I am thankfully aided by Floyd, who is doubtless the most perverse sexual deviant ever to reside in our fair city of Wellington.
As an initiator, it lures the young and old into subcultures such as illicit drug use, and to deviant behaviors such as sexual promiscuity and/or prostitution.
Since the dangers of passive smoking have been highlighted and smoking is becoming regarded as socially unacceptable, that is, deviant behaviour, many more people are trying to stop, and succeeding.
In a recent editorial in the New England Journal of Medicine, this author decried the need for government and pharmaceutical industry support for research in the treatment of sexually deviant behavior.
Firstly, it can be argued that advances in technology bring new opportunities for crime and other forms of deviant behaviour.
If we are to achieve a full understanding of deviant behaviour, we must get these two foci of inquiry into balance.
Thomas and Loader, for example, argue that new technology inevitably leads to new forms of deviant behaviour that arise in order to exploit new opportunities.
Everybody has them and this research will attempt to determine whether sexual fantasies play a significant role in the occurrence of deviant behaviour of adult males.
The current business models, private and public, have largely mismanaged resources, produced a sense of insecurity, and a kind of hopelessness that shows up as deviant behaviour.