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development / развитие, разработка, создание
имя существительное
development, growth, evolution, progress, extension, elaboration
development, design, working, elaboration, engineering, operation
creature, creation, development, making, formation, coinage
имя существительное
the process of developing or being developed.
she traces the development of the novel
the process of starting to experience or suffer from an ailment or feeling.
the development of brittle bones
the process of treating photographic film with chemicals to make a visible image.
The bioluminescence emission was visualized following film development .
the paintings provide evidence of his artistic development
He is behind in development , can't castle kingside and his queenside is weakened.
staff development course
Families have welcomed plans to turn an empty school site into a housing development .
Unattended, they are easily denatured through the process of social development itself.
The interrupted and fragmented health policy development in turn generates professional confusion.
community development
The move comes amid fears of possible housing and industrial development across the area if the Tories drop the plan at the vote tomorrow.
it's an interesting development in secondary education
professional development