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developed / развитой, развитый
имя прилагательное
developed, mature, educated, cultivated, cultured
имя прилагательное
advanced or elaborated to a specified degree.
a fully developed system of public law
grow or cause to grow and become more mature, advanced, or elaborate.
motion pictures developed into mass entertainment
start to exist, experience, or possess.
a strange closeness developed
treat (a photographic film) with chemicals to make a visible image.
They have interviewed a woman from the audience of the BBC1 programme Question Time who claimed to have seen the images while developing a film at a photographic laboratory.
Tasmanian logging is wholly dependent on a degree of government indulgence unknown elsewhere in the developed world.
Almost three centuries later, the stock exchange is even more important in the economic life of a developed country than it was at the time of the above case studies.
Perhaps the only consolation is that every other health system in the developed world will be facing the same sort of crisis at the same time.
Here in only 50 years has been the creation of a developed system of law.
Chloroplasts in these plants were smaller and contained poorly developed thylakoid membrane systems.
Fabian was only eighteen, but he was more physically developed than most his age, despite his stature.
The last thing it needs is for people to be fully developed and functional human beings.
However, these systems were less developed than those on leaf stomata, a feature that might be responsible for their inactivity.
What about cultivating some sort of developed and mature taste for quality in worship music?
Rather the ape had achieved its high status through intellect, the dog on account of highly developed emotions.