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develop / развивать, развиваться, разрабатывать
develop, evolve, cultivate, expand, elaborate, exercise
develop, evolve, progress, expand, advance, move
develop, design, work out, elaborate, work, devise
grow or cause to grow and become more mature, advanced, or elaborate.
motion pictures developed into mass entertainment
start to exist, experience, or possess.
a strange closeness developed
treat (a photographic film) with chemicals to make a visible image.
They have interviewed a woman from the audience of the BBC1 programme Question Time who claimed to have seen the images while developing a film at a photographic laboratory.
If this were to be accomplished this country would develop at a speedy rate.
Locally, he was involved in the Walton Green Inquiry, organising an appeal against a council decision to develop the land in the area.
Such interest has seen many hotel chains develop their facilities.
While they built the home in their minds, they continued to develop the land with their hands.
As poorer countries develop and stabilise, our security will improve and our own economy grow through increased trading opportunities.
Managers of the Hulton Estate say they have no plans to build houses on Lee Hall but could take steps to develop the land within the next five years.
Four years at college used to develop well-rounded individuals, mature athletes with knowledge of a world beyond their own disciplines.
It takes a long time to develop knowledge and experience.
a weights programme helps to develop your strength
Similarly, the effort to realise his vision by 2020 would see the country develop into a great nation.