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devastation / разорение, опустошение, разруха
имя существительное
devastation, ruin, destruction, desolation, ravage, downfall
devastation, havoc, desolation, depletion, ravage, depredation
devastation, breakdown, breakup
имя существительное
great destruction or damage.
the floods caused widespread devastation
severe and overwhelming shock or grief.
she spoke of her devastation at his death
To her devastation her father even criticised her approach to acting during the filming.
He had also protected the only habitat of civilization from the devastation of the destructive angels.
The president saw down below what he called devastation .
Ivor Jones, a Liverpool-born pastor, likened the scenes to the devastation wrought in England by the Blitz.
Hurricane Ike could unleash devastation within only a few hours.
she spoke of her devastation at his death
The family was away from the house that night and came home in the early hours to a scene of devastation .
Having seen atrocious loss in World War II, I understand the devastation of armed conflict.
We finally manage to get to the heart of the eerie water delta where the devastation was appalling.
the floods caused widespread devastation