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devastating / разрушительный, опустошительный, огромный
имя прилагательное
destructive, devastating, disruptive, destroying, ruinous, subversive
devastating, wasting
huge, enormous, great, vast, immense, devastating
имя прилагательное
highly destructive or damaging.
a devastating cyclone struck Bangladesh
destroy or ruin (something).
the city was devastated by a huge earthquake
Tooting & Mitcham have been dealt a devastating blow by the news that leading goalscorer Elliot Onochie has broken his ankle and will be out for the next three months.
The family were all set for a camping holiday at the end of August but their plans were halted by the devastating financial blow, prompting the parents to start a fund to take all the children of ex-Crown workers on holiday.
He consistently reached a mid-90s velocity he hadn't shown the Yankees in ages, making his devastating changeup all the more effective.
As Philly moves from total dependency into the first few baby steps of autonomy, the impact on everyone is delightful and devastating .
That was a devastating blow really so the emphasis was more on regaining pride, even more so than winning the game.
Of the 80 ships that are remaining, many of them have suffered just devastating damage.
Months later it still feels like the greatest film I've ever seen, more beautiful, more devastating , more emotionally subtle and probingly, daringly insightful.
Lloyd has been in devastating form, kicking 80 goals this season at an impressive 73 per cent accuracy rate.
Woodward's prose combines those rare qualities of real emotional intelligence and heartfelt warmth with a devastating wit.
It arrived in the mail a few weeks later, and I opened it up only to receive a hellish, ghastly, devastating shock.