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devastate / опустошать, разорять, глубоко огорчить
devastate, ravage, waste, decimate, desolate, raid
ruin, ravage, devastate, break, overwhelm, flay
глубоко огорчить
destroy or ruin (something).
the city was devastated by a huge earthquake
The government should, if necessary, be willing to run a deficit, he said, insisting the collapse of the cattle industry would devastate the entire provincial economy.
These attacks will devastate industrial cities across the United States which have already seen tens of thousands of manufacturing jobs disappear over the last two decades.
Well aware that North Korean missiles can devastate its cities, the Japanese are desperate for both a peaceful solution and American support.
All this can devastate lives, destroy relationships, disrupt work, cloud effective thinking, and affect physical health and ruin futures.
Just five kilograms of plutonium, in the wrong hands, could devastate a city.
The industry is united in its belief that the proposed fishing bans will devastate the industry and lead to tens of thousands of job losses and bankruptcies.
Residents who claim a wind farm on the fells would destroy the landscape and devastate tourism are being urged to oppose the development before it even becomes a formal proposal.
In both, they have a passionate affair and finally Lolita dies, devastating her lover.
Some 57 countries have banned imports of U.S. beef, devastating the industry.
It devastated the city bringing the financial capital of India to a grinding halt.