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devalue / обесценивать, проводить девальвацию
depreciate, discount, devalue, devaluate, disesteem, decry
проводить девальвацию
devalue, devaluate
reduce or underestimate the worth or importance of.
I resent the way people seem to devalue my achievement
Institutions devalue human potential and minimize the contributions of individuals.
I resent the way people seem to devalue my achievement
No one in a decision-making capacity would ever devalue their own worth.
I wish to take issue with the recent erroneous and arrogant statements from hydro developers who seek to devalue the true worth of the Monadhliath Mountains to the nation.
I resent the way people seem to devalue my achievement
But in celebrating genius we willy-nilly undervalue, even devalue , the importance of effort, and with serious consequences.
Labour figures in the UK and Australia are at pains to devalue his electoral achievements - and point to several apparent errors of judgment during his career.
Deteriorating terms of trade due to persistently high domestic wage levels and currency devaluations in Nigeria have also contributed to economic decline.
There's an overused word in pop music, devaluing the achievements of those whose invention and daring did, and still does, make a difference.
Logging companies can reduce their payments by devaluing the wood they log through a practice known as grade setting.