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deuce / двойка, черт, равный счет
имя существительное
deuce, two, dyad
devil, deuce, chert, dickens, Nick, Old Nick
равный счет
tie, deuce
имя существительное
a thing representing, or represented by, the number two, in particular.
the tie score of 40-all in a game, at which a player needs two consecutive points to win the game.
Federer was in the sort of form which took him to the Wimbledon title this year, with Blake staving off an amazing 19 out of 20 break-point opportunities, and surviving 10 deuces in one service game.
used as a euphemism for “devil” in expressions of annoyance, impatience, or surprise or for emphasis.
how the deuce are we to make a profit?
They had a match point in the semi-final against the Cantrells, but Burdett served a double fault on the sudden-death second deuce in which this point is decisive under the rules of the competition designed to prevent drawn-out matches.
how the deuce are we to make a profit?
Well, what the deuce are you waiting for, old boy?
And when you feel so extremely a fool and a bad golfer to boot, what the deuce can you do, except throw the club away?
what the deuce are you trying to do?
I looked down to find a useless deuce as my stranger and fired a bet out there, while positively holding the worst hand (still a pair of queens).
a deuce for the hat-check girl
Betting big with a pair of deuces in Texas Hold 'Em could lead to a third deuce and a win on ‘the river.’
the Swede pegged him back to deuce from 40-love
In 49th Parallel, who knows what the deuce he is doing, other than turning in what I believe to be the only bad performance in any Powell and Pressburger film.