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detrimental / вредный, убыточный, приносящий убыток
имя прилагательное
harmful, adverse, detrimental, pernicious, bad, deleterious
приносящий убыток
имя существительное
незавидная партия
имя прилагательное
tending to cause harm.
releasing the documents would be detrimental to national security
I am satisfied that publication of the report would be deeply damaging and detrimental to their welfare.
Anything seen outside of the stereotypes is seen as detrimental and won't get a chance.
The use of concrete in areas of public utility is unnecessary, and in fact, detrimental .
He does not accept the fashionable concept that working to the exclusion of all other aspects of life is detrimental .
The dehumanisation of women is not only detrimental to women but to men also.
Too much emphasis on pleasing the judges is detrimental to the music, he feels.
Whether or not this would have a detrimental effect on the tourists in the long run is a matter of conjecture.
In contrast, unsaturated fats don't have the same detrimental effect on cholesterol levels.
It is detrimental to the area and could prove to be dangerous for our children.
His only real fault was that his work ethic was so high and he worked so hard, that it could eventually have been detrimental .