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detrain / разгружать, высаживать из поезда, разгружать вагоны
unload, discharge, offload, dump, disgorge, detrain
высаживать из поезда
разгружать вагоны
leave a train.
Now one would have to detrain and go on by road to Cairnryan.
It is a revenue run, Train 3600, but I did not observe any passengers detrain once it arrived.
Because of a necessary double spot to entrain / detrain passengers at Columbus, we departed at 5: 04, 4 minutes off the scheduled departure.
the train from Loughborough will stop at Quorn for passengers to detrain
She told me that since we were late, we would only stop to detrain and board passengers, and then continue.
A lot of passengers detrained , and only a small handful boarded.
Quite a few detrained before we boarded and once seated the train started moving.
Now most passengers were quite confused and in fact many started detraining .
Consequently, addressing human factors issues implicated in wrong direction moves or unauthorised detrainments can result in SMARTer recommendations and lead to organisational and cultural changes.
I teased them that I would tell everyone on the late train that we would not even be detraining at Orlando.