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detoxify / обезвредить яд, устранить токсическое действие
обезвредить яд
detoxicate, detoxify
устранить токсическое действие
detoxify, detoxicate
remove toxic substances or qualities from.
the process uses chemical reagents to detoxify the oil
Alcohol is frequently used by GHB abusers in an attempt to detoxify themselves from GHB; in the case of BD, alcohol may actually exacerbate and extend BD's toxic effects.
Some health care practitioners say heavy periods are a sign your body is trying to detoxify , so avoid caffeine and alcohol, which can be toxic to your body.
If you're in the mood to detoxify , getting rid of germs doesn't have to mean overkill: This is your home, not a hospital.
The recommended doses of nitroprusside of up to 10 [micro] g/kg/min result in cyanide formation at a far greater rate than human beings can detoxify .
This is to assist in the acquisition of a suitable property for a drug rehabilitation centre providing long-term accommodation and support for people who are trying to break a drug dependency addiction and detoxify in Alice Springs.
And sweating, it turns out, is one of the best ways to detoxify .
ADT induces cells to make extra amounts of an enzyme that can detoxify cancer-causing chemicals in tobacco smoke and other environmental contaminants, say the researchers.
the process uses chemical reagents to detoxify the oil
At this point, it becomes difficult for the body to maintain nutritional homeostasis, utilize nutrients appropriately, synthesize plasma proteins, and detoxify noxious substances.
Burnley magistrates were told how he wanted to go to prison to detoxify and had been disappointed when the community rehabilitation order had earlier been allowed to be continued.