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detoxification / детоксификация
имя существительное
имя существительное
the process of removing toxic substances or qualities.
Whereas the traditional process of detoxification was limited to the removal of the toxic substance from the system, this is only a small part of the aims of the modern detox.
We wished to investigate whether opiate addicts who have undergone inpatient detoxification might have a similarly increased mortality after treatment.
Disruption of the delicate balance of metabolic activation and detoxification of chemical carcinogens is a process that may facilitate such an effect.
The withdrawal process must be carefully monitored because barbiturate or alcohol detoxification can be life-threatening.
His drug problem was so severe at this stage, that he needed a period of in-patient treatment and detoxification .
Buprenorphine also appears to be effective when used in detoxification treatment.
The higher education did not, however, explain the higher awareness of using buprenorphine for detoxification from opiates.
One study involves a medication trial of buprenorphine as a detoxification treatment for heroin addiction.
Patients who are dependent on opioids or benzodiazepines may require detoxification from these substances as well.
In this way, ellagic acid effectively increases detoxification of carcinogens and reduces mutagenesis and tumourigenesis.
However, the mechanism of detoxification of secondary metabolites in plant cells is less well understood.