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detour / объезд, обход, окольный путь
имя существительное
detour, tour, circuit, visitation
bypass, detour, round, beat, diversion, flanker
окольный путь
detour, roundabout, sideway, back way, circumbendibus
изменять маршрут
reroute, detour
имя существительное
a long or roundabout route taken to avoid something or to visit somewhere along the way.
he had made a detour to a cafe
take a long or roundabout route.
he detoured around the walls
Much of the road at Strandside North, which leads to several other major housing estates, was also heavily flooded forcing residents to take a detour along the Military Road to get home.
On the way to the station we take a detour to visit the flat that Joe Orton lived in for seven years prior to his death.
A temporary detour has been constructed while the main road is being rebuilt and resurfaced.
He will detour through the town where my aunt is buried.
On the way to Lake Hood, take a detour to Earthquake Park.
I would detour the endless stream of motor homes
Today as we were driving back from Arnprior, Ontario after a busy Thanksgiving weekend, K suggested we take a detour through Carp to see this building pictured above.
I'm actually one of those pathetic drivers who when having to take a detour , just heads in the right direction.
For many motorists, daily back-ups between the Fort Duquesne and West End bridges on the detour for outbound traffic were the worst part of the construction.
The tree lay supine across the street and vehicles had to take a detour for over three hours, which time it took the Corporation employees to axe the tree into transportable portions.