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dethrone / свергать, развенчивать, свергать с престола
depose, overthrow, dethrone, overturn, subvert, cast down
debunk, dethrone, uncrown, downgrade, discrown
свергать с престола
dethrone, uncrown, decrown, discrown, unthrone, unking
remove (a ruler, especially a monarch) from power.
When the emperor was dethroned , Diem replaced him.
As a result, attempts to dethrone Henry were poorly supported in England and the Yorkist pretenders (such as Lambert Simnel in 1487) failed to carry conviction.
‘A single villa can mark a landscape’, said Ruskin, ‘and dethrone a dynasty of hills’, rightly enough.
It took ‘Bionic’ Bob Chamberlain to finally dethrone Bob Glass from his reign as king of the PBA Senior Pennsylvania Open.
And despite some ragged games and contract holdouts at the beginning of the season, it will take some mighty tough play to dethrone the defending champions.
After Tapia vacated the title in favour of a fruitless attempt to dethrone featherweight king Marco Antonio Barrera, Medina faced fellow Mexican Juan Manuel Marquez in February for the vacant IBF featherweight championship.
Hunter is confident that he has the ability to dethrone the defending champion.
Venus' next foe is Australia's Alicia Molik, who has confidence she can dethrone the queen of Flushing Meadows.
The King was only too happy to banish them from his kingdom and to remove their titles as the Duke and Duchess were gaining too much support, and King Gavonlee was afraid they would try to dethrone him.
In a kingdom of northern India in 1856, the British plot to dethrone the ruler, whom they consider effete, and turn the land over to be ruled by the East India Company.
With Saturday's all-around finals set up as a Russian duel, Chaschina was asked if she could dethrone the reigning world champ.