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detestation / сильное отвращение, крайнее отвращение, омерзение
имя существительное
сильное отвращение
крайнее отвращение
disgust, abhorrence, abomination, detestation, execration, recoil
имя существительное
intense dislike.
Wordsworth's detestation of aristocracy
And now, when many of its previous supporters have abandoned it in favour of implied rights theory, I find myself hating it just as much as ever, with a cold, dismissive detestation .
By contrast, the Trades Union Congress, driven by detestation for fascism, was more robust.
he is the detestation of the neighborhood
Yesterday's set of exquisitely correct opinions concluded with a statement about his gut-wrenching detestation of war.
Now a game of chess was the special delight of Miss Broadus; and as it was the detestation of her sister Miss Juliana, the delight was seldom realized.
His personal history is inspiring, as is his intellectual brilliance, knowledge of and detestation of fascism, communism and morally repugnant capitalism.
But today we're nonplused by the phenomenon that a good number of students, rather than enjoying the sublime happiness supposed to be provided by education, do not hide their detestation for it.
He cannot believe why a human being would show so much detestation for another human being, who has not even spoken or looked at him.
Celebrate our Australianness by showing our usual mistrustful, self-deprecating, egalitarian, good-natured detestation of all such symbols of overt self-glorification.
And they have lately become very vocal about their detestation of ordinary people.