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detest / ненавидеть, питать отвращение
hate, detest, loathe, abhor, abominate, execrate
питать отвращение
abhor, detest, abominate, distaste, execrate, hold in abomination
dislike intensely.
of all birds the carrion crow is the most detested by gamekeepers
I know you detest them; hate doesn't do justice to how you must feel, but you have to calm down.
I loathe AND detest the game - and that's all it is, kids, just a silly game.
Now while many people are afraid of mice, they can absolutely hate and detest rats!
she really did detest his mockery
They loathe tinsel, detest office parties and abhor rum balls of all kinds.
I truly detest this particular shudder-worthy side of modern town life.
I hate launch week because you suddenly detest all of the work that you've put your heart into for months.
But the really amazing thing is that so many others in the free world not only do not agree but loathe and detest this message and its messengers.
We might hate queue jumpers, but we also detest hypocrites and bludgers.
But it also seems that, if you look to those who tend to dislike him, you very quickly find those who positively detest him.