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determiner / определяющее слово
имя существительное
определяющее слово
determiner, determinative
имя существительное
a person or thing that determines or decides something.
And the judge had an opportunity, as an independent determiner of facts, to determine whether or not she is in a persistent vegetative state.
a modifying word that determines the kind of reference a noun or noun group has, for example a , the , every.
The idea that the determiner heads a noun phrase might seem counterintuitive to some readers.
This new artistic trend has been publicized and sanctified by the great determiner of what's hot and who's who, the Whitney Biennial; by galleries across Canada and the US; and by the art sections in independent booksellers.
The judge will be the final determiner and that is in November and our panel will assemble right after this.
The idea that the determiner heads a noun phrase might seem counterintuitive to some readers.
But there is a powerful class that looks upon Madurai's response as the determiner of the happenings elsewhere in the State.
Your tension that you have outlined particularly was in terms of being that visible operational leader and determiner of the future in some ways, combined with - or as opposed to the general day-to-day perhaps running of the business.
Todorov, Jauss and Culler all decentre the text (and by implication, I think, author intention) as the determiner of genre, and introduce the idea that genres are formed in relation to reader reception and expectation.
The second, almost a throwaway, notes that a rise in net income isn't the only determiner of whether you've moved up.
They are really acting like they are the sole determiner of American foreign policy.
The determiner of whether something should be legalised is surely ‘is it right’?
However, it may be a legitimate determiner , since physical disability may stem from, but not be limited to, the following factors: birth defect, infirmity, malformation, disfigurement, illness or bodily injury.