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determinative / определяющий, решающий, ограничивающий
имя прилагательное
defining, determinant, determinative
decisive, crucial, critical, final, winning, determinative
limiting, limitative, qualificatory, determinative
имя существительное
решающий фактор
determinative, determinant
определяющее слово
determiner, determinative
имя прилагательное
serving to define, qualify, or direct.
the employer's view is not determinative of the issue
In this stage a determinative, especially a semantic determinative , is added to a graph to classify the meanings among the words.
They are instructive but are not determinative .
We would submit that the way in which his reasoning is expressed, he regarded as determinative the very fact that this was the kind of activity that could have occurred outside the workplace.
While the Commission should consider the state of mind of the Respondents in deciding whether to exercise its public interest jurisdiction, it is not determinative .
Although the terms of the initial letter are likely to be of great importance when seeking to answer that question, they will not necessarily be determinative .
In other words, it must be a factor which has some weight in the decision-making process although plainly it may not be determinative .
The determinative issue is whether the proximate cause of the loss was the fire or the act of vandalism.
On the other hand, it is not the sole and determinative factor.
As indicated earlier, the wife had given notice to the husband almost from the outset of her intention to pursue maintenance, and I find that that is the determinative factor in awarding retroactive child support.
Nor should the courts give a ministerial statement, whether made inside or outside Parliament, determinative weight.