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deteriorate / ухудшаться, ухудшать, портиться
deteriorate, worsen, decline, degenerate, decay, slip
deteriorate, worsen, impair, aggravate, make worse, deprave
spoil, deteriorate, corrupt, rot, decay, give way
break, break down, disintegrate, deteriorate, crumble, decay
degenerate, deteriorate, dwindle, degrade
become progressively worse.
relations between the countries had deteriorated sharply
Indeed, as far as the railways are concerned, they are far worse and set to deteriorate further in the short term.
This was not to last though, and the party of six fully expected the conditions to deteriorate .
Could it the situation really deteriorate to the point where China would threaten Taiwan with physical destruction?
After all, studies indicate that our faculties deteriorate with age at varying degrees.
According to Hillman as well as Hillman and Ursprung, liberalization has a deteriorative effect on economic performance until a cultural adaptation takes place.
The situation for Japanese film-makers in the mid-1940s had deteriorated to unbearable levels.
The snow on the lower slopes is deteriorating , so we are climbing higher to get better conditions.
Joanna's family say the quiet youngster's health visibly deteriorated over a year.
Anti-freeze must be changed every two years due to the deterioration of the corrosion inhibitors.
The situation has deteriorated to a point where our professional status is in jeopardy.