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detector / детектор, датчик, прибор для обнаружения
имя существительное
detector, rectifier
sensor, transducer, detector, actuator
прибор для обнаружения
As well as the drive through model, the company is working on a handheld detector device.
The good news for the radar detector supplier and thousands of motorists is that the devices are still legal to buy and use in the UK.
Behind that is a photon detector , placed so as to detect the light from only one slit.
One of the problems with the bus detector idea is that it might confuse buses with lorries and a method of dealing with that is also being looked into.
When the laser bear hits a detector, the laser detector records a kill or near miss.
The carbon monoxide detector is designed to sense the presence of carbon monoxide in the air.
It is essential to select the appropriate traffic detector technology for each specific function.
Motion detector software checks for blinking, and translates this into clicks.
The cosmic dust detector recorded two micrometeoroid showers in September and December.
They use detection equipment, including detector vans and hand-held scanners.