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detection / обнаружение, выявление, детектирование
имя существительное
detection, detecting, discovery, finding, discovering, disclosure
detection, elicitation, emergence, eduction, outcrop
detection, rectification
имя существительное
the action or process of identifying the presence of something concealed.
the early detection of fetal abnormalities
Prostate cancer presents major challenges for early detection through screening.
the early detection of fetal abnormalities
Earlier this year the school did not pass parts of the fire risk assessment due to inadequate smoke detection alarms.
Facilities for early detection and intervention woefully fall short of requirements.
However, the detection and identification of a drug in a blood sample indicates clear current exposure to that drug.
As of last week, some 23,000 cattle had been tested, with no detection of the disease.
There should be an effective treatment or intervention for patients identified through early detection .
This utility could be of particular value as part of an intrusion detection system.
In my case, due to early detection , my diabetologist was able to follow a holistic approach.
the detection rate for murder is over 90 percent