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detect / обнаруживать, выявлять, детектировать
find, detect, discover, find out, reveal, locate
detect, bring out, elicit, educe, evolve, enucleate
detect, rectify
discover or identify the presence or existence of.
cancer may soon be detected in its earliest stages
If a person under hypnosis is told that a glass of plain water is sweet, then he will really detect a sweet taste in the water.
Rushbrook is no less bearish than Burns, saying he could detect no bright spots, either in terms of sectors or geography.
For all the laughs their comedies still elicit, you can't help but detect a note of regret in their remarks.
She fancied for a moment that she could detect the faint rusty smell of hot steel.
We want to prevent the crimes and detect those that have already been committed.
They will also invest more than £30m in new technology to help detect and prevent crime.
the public can help the police to detect crime
To detect the fraud however one must study the picture more closely.
the public can help the police to detect crime
He had just got done taking a shower but I could still detect the faint smell of bleach.