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detainee / задержанный
имя прилагательное
detained, delayed, detainee, handicapped, checked
имя существительное
detainee, arrestee
remand, prisoner, detainee, arrestee, detenu, prisoner at the bar
имя существительное
a person held in custody, especially for political reasons.
Members of the security forces torture, beat and otherwise abuse prisoners and detainees .
The detainee and the detainer, they cannot deny their common past which they spent in the same boat.
Last September the Center announced that a detainee had died in Juwaida Prison as a result of torture.
If a detainee 's family or associates somehow find out about the detention, they cannot publicly comment on it in any way.
If they inform a detainee 's family or the media about the detention, they face up to five years in jail.
The guard is also charged with later bashing the detainee while handcuffed to a bed.
This is in bold print and is intended to draw the detainee 's attention to the reasons why he or she is being detained.
A Chinese detainee immediately called for a hunger strike, and was beaten as well.
He has acted and been treated as a normal detainee through much of his sentence.
Whenever one person is lawfully in the custody of another, the custodian owes a duty of care to the detainee .
Earlier this year it visited two New Jersey jails where most of the detainees are being held.