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detached / отдельный, отделенный, обособленный
имя прилагательное
separate, individual, single, particular, distinct, detached
separated, detached, divided, off
detached, single, dangling, insular, clannish
имя прилагательное
separate or disconnected, in particular.
disengage (something or part of something) and remove it.
he detached the front lamp from its bracket
send (a group of soldiers or ships) on a separate mission.
our crew was detached to Puerto Rico for the exercise
Copmanthorpe Parish Council has voiced strong objections to plans to demolish the former health centre on Horseman Lane, and build three detached town houses on the land.
Although I FEEL rather detached in most aspect in my life right now, my mind has been frantically active and many thoughts are racing inside my brain.
Nirvana never sounded as detached as the Pixies, or as fluid, or as fun.
The four-bedroom detached residence now on the market carries a guide price of £365,000.
If you're able to stay emotionally detached from your investments, this can be a good strategy to follow.
Halifax says that the rise reflects the fact that detached houses are increasingly the aspiration of homeowners.
The four bed detached residence was restored in a way which does not detract from the history of the place.
She smiled at him briefly and said hello, trying to sound as detached as possible.
There's an imposing sandstone detached residence, in an exclusive cul-de-sac, with an extensive refurbishment completed.
As he stood there, Jim felt oddly detached .