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desultory / отрывочный, несвязный, несистематический
имя прилагательное
sketchy, fragmentary, desultory, snippy, snatchy, touch-and-go
incoherent, disjointed, desultory, inconsequential
desultory, facultative
имя прилагательное
lacking a plan, purpose, or enthusiasm.
a few people were left, dancing in a desultory fashion
Ayodhya has been subject to desultory and very limited archaeological investigations since the 19th century.
Two dusky stable hands were leading a pair of thoroughbred around the ‘cooling rings’ of adjoining stables at the Fair Grounds in New Orleans and engaging in desultory conversation.
The salad may have been a bit desultory and almost Parmesan-less, but the beautifully moist carpaccio of (as it turned out, virtually chilli-less) beef more than made up for it.
Into this somewhat desultory discussion among historians a sociologist has now tossed a bombshell.
One is that the language is the language of human discourse, and is subject to the same redundancies and occasional verbiage that we all encounter in desultory conversation.
These prompt Abe to think about his own identity, his long-ignored Jewish heritage and even vague ideas of Christian conversion - possibilities he explores in a desultory way.
After moving to California for my second postdoc, and making a desultory appraisal of the ice-cream situation, I was moved to buy my own ice-cream maker and churn out the burnt caramel myself.
They are too often reminiscent of desultory common-room conversation on those first nights at college, when no one knew anyone and everyone was defensive, posturing, or simply uninterested.
It seemed initially that the new Indian government wanted to accomplish what it had not succeeded in 30 years of desultory negotiations under the Shimla agreement.
There was a halting, desultory conversation, and he never mentioned the script.