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destructive / разрушительный, разрушающий, пагубный
имя прилагательное
destructive, devastating, disruptive, destroying, ruinous, subversive
destructive, destroying, demolishing
pernicious, harmful, fatal, destructive, malign, evil
имя существительное
средство разрушения
destructive, destructive agency
имя прилагательное
causing great and irreparable harm or damage.
the destructive power of weapons
The vehicles buckle and crash beneath his feet, which is supposed to be an awesome display of his destructive power.
It can be extremely destructive to our health, and a haggard and stressed face is not a beautiful face.
However, viruses of the mind can program us to think and behave in ways that are destructive to our lives.
This is partly because both sides are animated by a fierce destructive zeal.
Cuts in the sphere of culture and artistic training are enormously destructive to society.
It was ungenerous, it was destructive , it was simple-minded, it was vicious, it was rubbish.
It's not just that these farms are destructive to the local environment and economy.
And all this was mobilised to produce the most destructive weapon ever seen in the history of humanity.
On the populous coasts of Sri Lanka and India nobody was aware of the awesome destructive power racing towards them.
Upmarket, the Times and Telegraph are platforms for higher but no less destructive forms of scepticism.