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destructible / разрушаемость
имя прилагательное
able to be destroyed.
What is truly impressive, and should be standard in war games, is that most of the environments are destructible .
For the most part, the team did a pretty good job making the settings look decent with destructible buildings and pseudo-realistic fire effects.
Grown in the middle of an immense atoll, a long coral bridge was the only thing connecting it to the land; easily destructible and just as quickly repaired.
These textures can be so generic that they mask many of the destructible items as they blend into the environment.
Once we started looking at solutions for car simulation we realized how amazingly cool it would be if we integrated full physics to create a completely destructible world.
Also, the world is incredibly destructible - the inclusion of parallax mapping really helps to make the destructible world look incredibly real too.
It has been stated that each city will be destructible .
He didn't use any destructible force or laser waves or something; he just used the willpower to meet his demands.
What's new, however, is that the vehicles are destructible .
It was much needed, as the attacking team got to play with the new, destructible vehicles.
Given the destructible environments and all the problems a developer runs into with uncertain terrain, the camera works very well, but there are occasions when it can become stuck or feel unresponsive.