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destined / предназначенный
имя прилагательное
designed, destined, allotted, consigned
имя прилагательное
(of a person's future) developing as though according to a plan.
she could see that he was destined for great things
intend or choose (someone or something) for a particular purpose or end.
This perverted abhorrence of women destines religions to collide with modernity everywhere, for to be modern is to set women free.
The elves had long ago sworn protection of the royal house for future safety of its destined hero.
Thus was imposed on nationalist people an undemocratic arrangement destined never to yield a nationalist majority for perhaps hundreds of years.
To regain the lost glory and vigour, prosperity and happiness, to fulfil our destined role of spreading real joy and spirituality in the whole human race, let us sing with the Rishis of Rig Veda.
The electoral battle has increasingly been between a Republican party machine determined to achieve its destined realignment, and a Democratic party determined to resist.
He had pace to burn and was always destined to be a top player.
Conversely, it's also why Marlon Brando, who had a phenomenal cultural impact in his prime, was destined never to make it into permanent cult status.
Nor Michael Portillo, who has been almost completely absent from the public eye since he was passed over for the leadership for which he once seemed destined .
Haskell, like Fobes, never married, yet was a firm believer that education for women should prepare them for their destined role as wives and mothers.
Then it was a bitterly divided, gurning sort of town, uncertain about its cultural future, destined apparently to cede ground to the self-confidently expanding Glasgow, City of Culture 1990.
Facing the south, in one hand he holds the ankus to guide his black mount; the other grips the whip with which he draws you at the destined moment to the other world.