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dessertspoon / десертная ложка
имя существительное
десертная ложка
dessert spoon
имя существительное
a spoon used for dessert, smaller than a tablespoon and larger than a teaspoon.
With a dessertspoon , scoop out the seeds and discard.
With a dessertspoon , scoop out the seeds and discard.
Cover base of a large serving dish in double cream, add a dessertspoon of pesto and stir to combine.
To speed up the beauty part of the process, invest in a body exfoliator or pour a dessertspoon of olive oil over a handful of sea salt granules and apply to the skin, daily.
Toss with a dessertspoon of sea salt and pack into a colander pressed with a weighted plate for approx. 1 hour.
When the pan is hot (test by dropping a teaspoon of batter on to it: it should bubble within one minute), drop 1 dessertspoon of batter into the pan and repeat three times to make four pancakes.
Make a small roux by melting about 20 g butter and flour (roughly a dessertspoon of each) together in a saucepan.
With the back of a dessertspoon , gently press the fruit down into the ramekin.
India's wine consumption is less than one dessertspoon per capita.
They had laid cash, including a hefty tip, on the silver plate, and commandeered an unused dessertspoon to act as a paperweight.
I played with my dessertspoon as the others began to clear up, my conversation with Chase echoing through my head.