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despise / презирать
despise, scorn, look down, disdain, flout, contemn
feel contempt or a deep repugnance for.
he despised himself for being selfish
I could tell them why they could hate and despise others, but that is not leadership.
We should be contemptuous of their presumption; we should despise their new wealth.
She would hate and despise him for it, not to mention that it showed he was weak.
I despise cowards
So while this work is unlikely to move ‘troubled friends and educated despisers ,’ it will benefit pastors, church discussion groups, and first-year theology classes.
You can't help but love that angry loner who absolutely despises Christmas.
I can tell she hates my mother, despises her so much she wishes she had never set foot in her office.
I would like to know therefore why she hates and despises these unfortunates so vehemently.
He loathes war and militarism, and despises chauvinism in every form.
He never quite grew out of despising his audience.