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desperately / в отчаянии
в отчаянии
desperately, despairingly, too far gone
in a way that shows despair.
he looked around desperately
But, at the beginning of the week she was at her wits end desperately trying to save the club.
The only option that comes to mind is a desperately unoriginal one - the dreaded book token.
We desperately need age, experience and character on the backbenches of our parliament.
He tells her that he is desperately unhappy and that his marriage is over.
Kane has been desperately attempting to track down Gavin, but has had absolutely no success.
he desperately needed a drink
I'll know where to come on a cold winter's night when I desperately need warming up.
I am desperately disappointed
She stared so boldly and so forlornly and so desperately that her heart could have done her talking for her.
I am desperately heartbroken for all the people involved in this terrible tragedy.