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desolation / запустение, опустошение, разорение
имя существительное
desolation, squalor
devastation, havoc, desolation, depletion, ravage, depredation
devastation, ruin, destruction, desolation, ravage, downfall
имя существительное
a state of complete emptiness or destruction.
the stony desolation of the desert
The assistance received made the difference between survival and desperation, and the accompanying sentiments provided emotional support at a time of desolation .
I passed through a scene impressive in its aspect of desolation , and almost a tribute to the destructive power of the chestnut blight.
It is a scene of utter desolation caused by the great famine of 1770.
Those songs are so full of life and spirit here, it's impossible not to be swept up in their grandeur and occasional sadness and desolation .
One woman epitomizes grief as utter desolation : the wide stretch of her open, sobbing mouth tells us she will never again know comfort.
He could hardly believe his eyes at the trail of destruction and burning and the general desolation of the scene.
It will find those who call to it, bringing desolation and misery.
Despite the sunny sounds of some of the music, the lyrics are mostly dark, addressing suicide, terrorism, depression, and desolation .
In fact, there's much a sense of desolation and loneliness permeating the film.
The fact that there is fear, grief and desolation in the world is something he understands, but even this only in so far as these are vague, general feelings, just grazing the surface.