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deskbound / deskbound
имя прилагательное
restricted to working in an office, rather than in an active, physical capacity.
he is no desk-bound theoretician
Operational job losses will be limited to 64 by putting desk-bound staff ‘back on the pumps’.
‘We encourage far too many young people to aspire to desk-bound and managerial careers,’ he said.
Eating them while leading a desk-bound or sofa-dominated life now appears even less useful.
But she soon gave up her desk-bound job for a life on the ocean waves.
Unfortunately, I'm going to be desk-bound for most of it.
They believe face-to-face contact is what encourages bright ideas at work, but desk-bound staff no longer talk the way they used to.
But the Army medical panel told him that the desk-bound nature of his job as a supply controller meant that he could rely on a further ten years of service.
The increasing burden of legislation, designed by well meaning but desk-bound bureaucrats, ensured that only the very large could survive, unless they found a niche.
Imagine her frustration, though, as, desk-bound , she watched Lawrence make his famous forays into the desert - all done on her advice.
More people than ever are swapping their desk-bound jobs for a vocation that enables them to be hands-on, use their brain and be in charge of their own destiny.