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desk / стол, письменный стол, рабочий стол
имя существительное
table, desk, board, platen, diet, cuisine
письменный стол
desk, writing desk, bureau, secretaire, writing-table
рабочий стол
desk, table, worktop, work-table
registry, desk, register office
console, control panel, desk
имя прилагательное
desktop, desk
имя существительное
a piece of furniture with a flat or sloped surface and typically with drawers, at which one can read, write, or do other work.
His specialty was making caskets and exquisite pieces of household furniture, including walnut desks and mantel pieces.
My producer reached into his desk drawer and pulled out a few pieces of paper held together with a paper clip.
He took out the strap and slammed the belt down on the flat surface of the desk for emphasis.
Bloom rummaged in his desk drawer and pulled out a laminated map of the building.
As I got through the main doors, just to the right of the information desk , I saw this amazing space.
Both are wearing robes, Christopher is watching Lydia as she sits at the desk writing.
Quickly I found the information desk and paused in front of a woman who was working at a computer.
he landed a job on the sports desk
the reception desk
a desk job
There's a definite air of lethargy in the air tonight, and not just on the sports desk .