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desist / воздерживаться, прекращать, переставать
refrain, abstain, forgo, desist, keep, resist
stop, off, cease, discontinue, end, desist
cease, desist, cut, lay off, cheese
cease; abstain.
each pledged to desist from acts of sabotage
Unruly patients will begin with an informal warning from a senior manager, but failure to desist will result in a yellow card being issued.
I am currently obtaining signatures on a petition to the Home Secretary, to ask him to desist from imprisoning pensioners.
He has no permission under the law to do so and I would advise him to cease and desist .
So let's all put a stop to this tomfoolery and cease and desist from giving these Ministers pats on the back for their poor behavior.
However, he said he would desist from doing that now that motions to change the policy have been submitted to Congress.
Perhaps if anyone caught dumping litter had a delivery from the refuse collection wagon instead of a collection, they might desist .
These figures are the most valid argument yet that they should cease and desist and retire from the field immediately.
He had even confronted him with an ultimatum to cease and desist or find a new job.
each pledged to desist from acts of sabotage
The dream of achieving such strategic parity is more powerful than any pressure to cease and desist .