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desirous / желающий, жаждущий
имя прилагательное
desirous, wishful, solicitous
thirsty, hungry, desirous, emulous, zealous, panting
имя прилагательное
having or characterized by desire.
the pope was desirous of peace in Europe
Those desirous could even choose this as the main profession.
What other endings are less desirous but possible?
A telephone booth was put up in front of the stall, and those desirous of seeking counselling could speak over the phone in privacy and get appropriate advice.
What's more, I contend that a person who is self-assured and who is not desirous of doing an activity which he/she considers disagreeable will have no need for alcohol.
In the second verse, Duke continues that many of them are desirous of luxury, money, homes, and perceived economic freedom.
At this point I was desirous of dying and disappearing at the same time.
It also offered training for young men desirous of becoming Agricultural Teachers or Land Stewards and the pupils attending the Agricultural School did so as boarders.
Doctors are often portrayed as sincere and kindhearted people desirous of relieving the suffering of others.
This was more or less the situation when European traders arrived with goods that they were desirous of exchanging with the farmers of the mainland and freshwater swamps.
Miles is in Atlanta, still desirous of going into space.