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desire / желание, пожелание, страсть
имя существительное
desire, wish, will, want, aspiration, would
wish, desire, sentiment
passion, desire, lust, love, ardor, fervor
want, wish, desire, wish for, will, like
want, choose, wish, desire, will, like
ask, beg, seek, pray, invite, desire
имя существительное
a strong feeling of wanting to have something or wishing for something to happen.
a desire to work in the dirt with your bare hands
strongly wish for or want (something).
he never achieved the status he so desired
Mars is our source of aggression and anger, but also our source of sexual passion and desire .
You're a bit of a free spirit, love variety, and have a strong desire to live life to the fullest.
they were clinging together in fierce desire
Crucially there is no evidence to suggest that they desire this power, nor that the public wish them to have it.
However, sexual desire is sexual desire ; does it turn off simply because you are in a loving, intimate relationship?
There was really no point in pretending that she didn't desire him with equal intensity.
But girls would always desire him - and just want to mother me.
A typical feeling in such a state is the inability to experience sexual desire , captured in this song as well.
Sexual desire is sexual desire , and under pressure the usual direction of preference may break down.
As a rule of thumb, buyers tend to desire the cars that were the status symbols of their youth, and desired models vary from country to country.