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designedly / умышленно, с намерением
deliberately, intentionally, willfully, wittingly, by design, designedly
с намерением
deliberately in order to produce a specific effect.
let me propose a designedly vague criterion
Next comes a treatment of a number of authors who treated music as an imitative art, designedly reproducing the sounds and the feelings experienced by human beings.
His half-hour speech was designedly devoid of eye-catching announcements and surprise stunts.
Hence it is plain that not fortuitously, but designedly , do they achieve their end.
One is left guessing whether essential marks have been omitted simply through carelessness, or designedly for a mock-modern effect.
Air operations were designedly part of an integrated, joint military campaign, rather than a free-standing enterprise.
By himself, he tends to be slightly frigid, his designedly emotional scenes too obviously calculated’.
Hence it is plain that they achieve their end, not fortuitously, but designedly .
But I was tickled most by the rooms of its farmhands and their own kitchen and dining room - all beautifully, designedly rustic - that suggested ‘downstairs’ is the new ‘upstairs’.
This book has covered a time-span that is deliberately broad and used definitions of ‘modern Britain’ that are designedly flexible.
Such resistance to the hortatory mode in what is a designedly didactic poem recalls the paradoxical structure of ‘What I expected.’