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designation / указание, обозначение, название
имя существительное
indication, designation, direction, pointing, directive, intimation
designation, symbol, name, sign, denomination, denotation
name, title, designation, denomination, appellation, denotation
имя существительное
the choosing and naming of someone to be the holder of an official position.
a leader's designation of his own successor
He had said over and over that unless the historic designation granted earlier this year is overturned, the company will no longer negotiate with tenants.
Sure, each of these objects has an official numerical designation in a formally compiled catalog.
a group of tribes banded together under the designation “Sheepeaters.”
Prime is the designation given to the most heavily populated planet in a system.
Under this review, the authority should consider whether further designation of conservation areas is called for.
He was the head of state for the ten years prior to the designation as President.
‘The environmental functions of the affected forests will still be altered no matter what their designation ,’ he said.
a leader's designation of his own successor
Dibden Bay's designation as a Site of Special Scientific Interest
When the monument designation scotched that plan, predictions of economic doom rang through the county seat.